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          Call for workshop participants


          Workshop title:
                     Energy-water-climate change nexus (EWCN) in a transitional economy: sustainability and resilience

          Dates and Venue:
                   Week commencing 22nd May, 2017 at Nanjing University, Jiangsu, China

          Hosted by:
                   Nanjing University, Lancaster University

                   In the past few decades, the rising demand for both energy and water has led to several crucial sustainability issues, such as climate change, renewable energy, urbanization, and responsible trading. Meanwhile, the changing natural, economic and political environment in both the United Kingdom and China brings much uncertainty around energy and water issues, especially during this transitional period for both countries. How can our energy and water systems be more sustainable? How resilient are they against natural and social risks and potential disruptions? And how should different stakeholders, such as cities or multi-national companies, prepare themselves to understand sustainability and resilience in such context? This particular workshop would like to provide some preliminary answers.

                  We hereby call for 15 UK-based, early-stage researchers at post-doctoral or lecturer level to join the workshop in late May of 2017. Round-trip flight to China will be covered. The workshop will also be mentored by four professors to provide advice and comments on the research presented.

          Please feel free to contact Dr. Lingxuan Liu at lingxuan.liu@lancaster.ac.uk to for interests and queries.

          We are looking forward to the participation of the researchers in UK.





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